Hidnander Woman Donna


Sneakers Tenkei Sport Edition 1688

€ 315,00


Hidnander 3392

€ 335,00


Hidnander 3393

€ 380,00


Hidnander Stripeless Ultimate Dual 3391

€ 310,00


Hidnander 3390

€ 360,00


Sneakers Threedome.Zero 2363

€ 365,00


Sneakers Tenkei 1687

€ 325,00

Discover the Hidnander collection by Misskissnegozio

Infused with modernity, innovation, and originality, the Hidnander collection that Misskissnegozio has meticulously selected for you is a concentrate of femininity, audacity and uniqueness. It represents a multifaceted universe, an expression of international fashion design, where each piece becomes an experience ready to be lived by the wearer.

In Hidnander there is the beating heart of contemporary fashion, where the combination of audacity and elegance, becomes a sign of recognition. The entire concept of the collection is oriented towards identifying new forms of expression through a mix of materials, colors and styles able to tell each of our personalities.

Contemporary luxury made of sophisticated details

The declination of styles, the searched details, and the enticing forms make the Hidnander collection a combination of contemporary luxury. It's not just about clothes, but a brand that expresses a way of life, an approach to everyday life, made of experimentations, passion, and desire to stand out.

  • Innovation: Hidnander pieces are the result of a creative process in constant evolution, made of research, experimentation, and stylistic contaminations.
  • Femininity: each piece of the collection enhances the beauty and feminine charm, without giving up comfort and practicality.
  • Originality: Hidnander stands out for its uniqueness, thanks to a mix of colors, fabrics and patterns that will allow you to create your personalized style.

Choose Hidnander to express your personality

Buying a piece from the Hidnander collection means choosing a unique piece that will speak about you, your being a woman, and your free and independent spirit. Trust the selection proposed by Misskissnegozio, the opportunity arises to own not just a garment, but a piece of contemporary fashion history. A dive into the world of quality clothing, a journey into a universe made of luxury and sophistication.

Don't settle for common, choose affordable luxury, choose the uniqueness of Hidnander.